The Heart and Flow of Motherhood: Paperback Book

Angelena Davies had seven years of study under her belt, two young children at home, and a fisherman husband away for weeks at a time. Life was manic like a triple shot latte, but she relished in the busyness of Motherhood. Those tiny little fingers were her everything. Yet something was kindling deep within her belly. She didn’t know it at the time (hell, how could she, she was too busy wiping the kitchen bench – AGAIN) but she was being called to find her purpose, beyond motherhood and wifery.

Late one night as Angie was procrastinating over folding the washing, she found herself surfing the net and accidentally discovered a $12,000 scholarship for a Masters thesis… the kindling was ignited. Unlike most good fires though, this one exploded and wrecked her health, her confidence, her self-awareness and her mascara – The expensive organic one.

Despite it being the 21st Century already, and women meant to be liberated and free… Angie discovers that her own ideas about what it means to be a good mother threaten to undermine her ability to complete the Masters.

Something has to give. Will it be mothering? Or studying?

Find out in this funny, insightful, poignant, and heart-wrenching memoir as Angie takes you into the heart of her experience as a studying mother, revealing that taming the dragon of self-doubt and developing the gift of intuition makes mothering more fulfilling, less guilty, much calmer and easier – and with so much more flow.

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